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Feather Baskets teaches the techniques of intricate hand woven basket making in a private studio, area guilds, and regional basket conventions.  Her original designs focus heavily on unique wooden components artistically joined with intricate designs of woven materials.  Weaving materials range from simple reeds, to pine needles, sweetgrass, seagrass, waxed linen and cane. 

Many of her students have been with her for years, developing both their personal skills as weavers and camaraderie.






Feather Baskets, and Patty Feather the artist, has been providing the opportunity to create woven art work and develop new skills in basket weaving since 2003.  She has decided to phase out of teaching and is now only offering patterns and occasional classes.  Patterns for her designs are available on the kits page.












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Contact Patty Feather for information on:

Tel: 270 519 1626
Email: patty@featherbaskets.com