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Wm Moss Woodworking creates the wooden bases and accents for Feather Baskets. Some of William Moss's creations include Nantucket molds, custom bent handles, relief bases and molded wooden rims. Seeking out obscure and exotic woods, he creates unique effects with wood grains, textures, and color.  His designs and craftsmanship ensure that the basket weaver's project is an heirloom. 


Paducah is the home of nationally acclaimed Artist's Relocation Program begun twelve years ago, and has developed into a regional center for professional artists of diverse interests. 


Wm. Moss Woodworker

Paducah Kentucky


         ABOUT Wm MOSS


Wm. Moss is a Hopkinsville native, relocating to Paducah in 1959. A retired Army Colonel, he began woodworking in earnest in the 1990's, and devotes a considerable amount of time to seeking out the skills and materials needed to create the unique wooden shapes and functions which become a critical part of most of Feather Baskets' design.


His woodworking designs and creations are unique to Feather Basket designs and kits















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